Acupuncturists treat far more conditions than most people are aware. Below is a list of the more commonly treated conditions.

Acupuncture for Pain:
Many people use acupuncture to find relief from their low back pain, joint pain, headaches/migraines, arthritis, and several other painful conditions and injuries.

Fertility and other Women's Health:
Acupuncture helps to restore a healthy menstrual cycle, which improves your chances of conceiving, as well as reducing or eliminating PMS symptoms. Acupuncture is also used to treat signs and symptoms of menopause.

Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture
Reduce the signs of aging the safe, natural and effective way. Find out more about facial rejuvenation

Other Commonly Treated Conditions:
•Stress, anxiety, depression
•Digestive disorders such as IBS and constipation
•Immune boosting for seasonal colds, flus and allergies
•Help quit smoking
•Weight loss
•Skin conditions
•High blood pressure

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